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All dev documentation is in the chm file : SearchForChangesetsChangesDoc.chm

Final user doc : 

  • To use the application > How to use the application

  • To create an addon > How to create an addon
    The detail is also in help file > SearchForWorkitemsChanges.ExternalActions namespace
  • To customize the rdlc report > How to customize the report
    The detail is also in help file > SearchForWorkitemsChanges.ExternalActions.ExportRdlc class.
  • The Xml export can be opened in Excel like a Xml Workbook

Do not forget to install Microsoft Team Explorer 2012 and ReportViewer 2012 runtime on your workstation (if needed).

Important : if you download the help file from the link above, do not forget to unblock the file before opening it. Otherwise, you won't see the help's content (white pages).
To do that : right click on file > Properties > below the General Tab > Security > Unblock button !

The help file is also in the release archive.

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