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  1. Start the application (SearchForWorkitemsChangesApp.exe)
  2. Do a search (with artifacts result) on a project
  3. Click on Reporting button
    Info : Each time the Reporting addon start, it search for a rdlc report named WorkItemReport.rdlc in the application path.
    If not found, it copy the default one into the folder.
    Application main windows
  4. Open the file WorkItemReport.rdlc with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 report editor
    Show visual studio modifying rdlc report
  5. Modify it
  6. Save the report
  7. Close the report
  8. Open the application configuration file (SearchForWorkitemsChangesApp.exe.config)
  9. Uncomment (if needed) the line containing AppSetting named ExportRdlc_ReportPath
    appSettings> <!--<add key="ExportRdlc_ReportPath" value="" />--> </appSettings>
  10. Enter the ExportRdlc_ReportPath AppSetting's value :
    either your custom report's name (if report is in the application's folder)
    or an absolute path or a relative path.
  11. Save config file
  12. Restart application

If your report is not used by application, check the value contained in appsetting named ExportRdlc_ReportPath

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